High Quality Standard of the Engine and Interior in Audi A5 Coupe

Interior is presented with high quality of all components of the cabin and very comfortable leather front seats. The rear seats are also quite good with room in the rear part of the vehicle (which is designed for 4 persons). Keep in mind that this is a "sports car", which in practice has only 2 seats.

Safety Standard. This is one of the cars, which has the highest quality level of security among the cars on the market: head airbags for all passengers, ESP (Electronic stability control), Traction Control System, a system of protective curtain, and so on.

Now let's talk a bit about the negative side:

Fuel consumption of about 6 liters per 100 kilometers (always thirsty).

Cost. New cars cost about 45-50 thousand Euros, but you can buy an old one for 24 thousand Euros.

In conclusion, you may be pleased with this car in terms of performance and quality, but disappointed with fuel consumption.